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Everyone is buzzing about podcasts. We'll walk you through how your organization will benefit from a podcast partnership with The Democracy Group’s highly-engaged audience.

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the democracy group connects you to a loyal, targeted, & highly-engaged audience.

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You have an audience who KNOWS, LIKES, and TRUSTS The Democracy Group and when they recommend something, they listen and take action.

The Democracy Group's core demographic:

30 and older, POLITICALLY ENGAGED, professional men & women making over $50,000

a year in sectors like education, marketing, finance, law, technology, and entrepreneurship.

The Democracy Group receives more than

150,000 downloads per month

in major cities across the United States, including Washington D.C., New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Our audience listens to multiple episodes across many shows in the network, actively seeking new information on topics important to them. This means your

Partnership is being heard multiple times long after it first goes live.

And by people who are actively discovering new information and new perspectives!

how it works

create a plan

We work with you, the partner, to craft perfect reads and placements across our network of shows. There’s no ‘cookie-cutter’ solution here. Each read, spot, or placement is as unique as your product or service.

run the ad rolls

An audio read consists or a 30 second or 60 second ad roll placed in carefully selected shows to meet your download requirements.

reach thousands

In addition to our highly dedicated fans who tune in every week, our network of shows bring highly sought after guests with massive audiences. This means our podcasts are exposed to new listeners every week.

the Democracy Group Listeners Are Your Best Potential Customers

Our Audience Has A More


Male to Female Ratio


30 Years and Older

They Are Highly Engaged & educated Citizens


of listeners tune in to learn something new


tune in for discourse about important civic issues

They Are more affluent than avg u.s population


make over $50,000 a year


make over $100,000 a year

In occupations like:

academics, marketing, finance, law, technology, and entrepreneurship

have a more democratic political affliation


claim a democratic affiliation


claim a independent affiliation


“Really like the work you do and the positive contribution you make to political dialogue.”

“The network is full of interesting podcasts!”

“Keep up the fight. Americans deserve a better government than we have.”

“Thanks for all you do to help support a more educated voter.”

“Thank you. We need your work to make us more able citizens.”

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The Democracy Group's podcasts attract and connect with loyal listeners. Diverse in topic, tone, and production, our shows share a distinctive style, and dedication to creating a more informed,  engaged citizen.

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