The Great Battlefield

A great political battle is being fought right now for the soul of our country. Listen to this podcast into the real concerns of your fellow citizens, and know you can make a difference.


The Great Battlefield

In this podcast Nathaniel Pearlman has talked to hundreds of leaders in the fight to improve and protect our democracy. Their actions include organizing and advocating and campaigning and figuring out how to do that better; starting and running progressive organizations; working for campaigns and for the Democratic party; thinking and writing and researching and analyzing what is going on in the attacks on our democracy; working to improve our democracy and how the government treats us, whether from partisan or nonpartisan angle; building political technology for progressives and others working on civic participation.

Featured Guests

Where To Start

Building a New Software and Data Hub for Organizing with Evan Burfield of Helm

Evan Burfield joins The Great Battlefield podcast to talk about his career as an entrepreneur, investor and author. And his work co-founding Helm, where with co-founder Emma Bloomberg, he has 90 people working to provide pro-democracy organizers and education and other advocates and activists with data, tools and software.

Strategist and Organization Builder Anna Galland of MoveOn

Anna Galland joins The Great Battlefield podcast to talk about her career in politics, her 7 years as Co-Executive Director at MoveOn and transitioning out of that role to Chair of the Board and other projects.

Power, Justice and Leadership with Arisha Hatch of Color of Change

Arisha Hatch joins The Great Battlefield podcast to talk about her career and her role at Color of Change, the largest online justice organization working to create a more human and less hostile world for black people in America.

Meet The Hosts

Nathaniel Pearlman

Democracy Entrepreneur

Nathaniel has been hosting the Great Battlefield Podcast since 2017. He speaks with political leaders, thinkers, entrepreneurs, activists and technologists, and others who are working on protecting and improving our democracy. Prior to that, he has a long history in progressive politics. In 1997, he founded NGP Software, Inc. (now known as NGP VAN, and part of Bonterra) the leading technology provider to the Democratic Party, its campaigns, and to progressive organizations. He served as chief technology officer to Hillary Clinton's 2008 Presidential campaign. He also founded Graphicacy, a firm that helps mission-based organizations tell complex stories in visual form and its product arm, Timeplots. Nathaniel holds a B.A. in Computer Science from Yale College. He is a failed graduate student, having finished the coursework and exams but never writing a dissertation for the Doctoral Program in Political Science at M.I.T.

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