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There are many different types of podcasts, but The Democracy Group is a network of podcasts united around the goal of helping listeners understand what’s broken in our democracy, and how people are working together to fix it.

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listening on iphone

open APPLE podcasts

All iPhones have an app called ‘Podcasts’ pre-installed. Simply look for this app icon on your phone, and give it a tap.


If you want to look for a Democracy Group podcast by its title, click “Search” in the bottom right hand corner of the Podcast app. Type the name of the podcast in the search box. As you type, you’ll be presented with some results.


When you find a podcast that interests you, click on the artwork and click “Subscribe”. This updates you when new episodes come out and they are automatically added to your listening queue. To begin listening now, tap on the podcast title. To listen later, tap the ‘+’ to download episodes to your device.

listening on Computers


Each podcast in The Democracy Group offers three episodes hand-picked by the show’s creators for new listeners. To be notified when new episodes come out, be sure to sign up for our newsletter or follow The Democracy Group on social media for updates.


If you're on an Apple computer, it already comes pre-installed with iTunes. Just open it up and choose "Podcasts" from the dropdown menu. Navigate to the "Store" tab to browse or search for podcasts to listen to.


If you have the Spotify app installed on your computer, you may also use that to listen to podcasts. Search directly in the app for podcast titles, or navigate to the "Browse" section in the left menu and choose the "Podcasts" tab to discover new podcasts. You can also follow The Democracy Group on Spotify to see our latest episodes and topic-based playlists

listening on android


First, we recommend downloading a podcast app. Open up the Google Play Store and search for a Podcast player app. Democracy Group listeners love these apps on Android:


If you already know the title of a podcast from The Democracy Group you want to hear, use the search button in your app’s main menu and type the name of the podcast in the box. Most apps will automatically show you the best result.


When you find a show that you like, scroll through and pick an episode to listen to. If it's a show you really enjoy, all podcast apps either have a "subscribe" or "follow" feature. Use it to automatically receive new episodes of the show to your phone when they are released. This way you won't have to always search for the podcast to see if there's new content.

try it now!

The Democracy Group has a growing library of great podcasts! Try searching for the ones you’re interested in, and be sure to subscribe to get new episodes delivered straight to your phone.