sTART A PODCAST and become a leading voice in democracy IN 12 WEEKS

The Democracy Group Podcast Fellowship is a 12-week remote program for Gen Z leaders who want to start a podcast and build an audience to strengthen democracy by engaging diverse viewpoints and bridging political divides. We provide world-class training, an incredible community and $1000 to get started.

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Applications are due October 21, and acceptance notifications will be sent November 28


The fellowship is open to any high school or college student or group of students working as a team in the United States.


The program begins in early January and ends in March, and requires about five hours per week.


The program is digital-first and entirely free for accepted students.

what to expect

launch a podcast

Spend 12 weeks diving deep into how to start a podcast. Navigate the complexity of starting and growing a podcast with intimate workshops, peer editing, distribution and growth frameworks and much more.


Throughout the program, work with your peers and TDG mentors to unleash your unique civic voice to build a brighter future for our democracy.

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Learn the strategies and tactics that have helped the best podcasters in the space build audiences who will support you in your journey to make change.


The fellowship will include lighting lessons and coaching sessions from thought leaders across the political spectrum.

Here's what you'll get

Specialized training

Access a library of short, action orientated lessons from podcasting experts in our network.


Join the other fellows and TDG mentors live each week to practice your skills.

Mentor matching

Get paired with mentors from the TDG network who will help you develop your podcast.

Fellow community

Interact with fellows like you who are passionate about democracy.

launch support

Launch your podcast with a bang by tapping into our network's distribution channels.


Gain a stipend to help cover the costs of starting your podcast including equipment and hosting.

your learning guides

with support from some of the best hosts in the space

and leading organizations in democracy

fellowship curriculm

Week 1: Introduction

Navigating the Podcaster Fellowship

Live kickoff meeting to go over the fellowship, what to expect, and meeting the other fellows and network.

Podcasting to Save Democracy

Learn how podcasting and media can help to fix our democracy from experts in the TDG network including journalists, media specialists, indie producers, and academics.

Week 2: How To Save Democracy

Democracy Dangers

Learning the issues and understanding the problems our democracy faces and what it needs.

Democracy & Systems Thinking

Learn to critically think about the issues, understanding the multiple complex systems that affect them. Learn how to take the perspectives of the stakeholders in these systems, in order to articulate their concerns to the public in your podcasts.

Week 3: Finding Your Niche & Voice

Finding Your Niche & Understanding Your Audience

Learn how to find your niche and explicit topics you would like to focus your podcast on. Learn the power of serving an audience by giving voice to underrepresented communities and niches. Learn how to research audiences and discover their needs, as well as how to expose your audiences to ideas that challenge them.

Developing Your Voice & Brand

Learn how to be thought leaders, developing your brand through articulating issues in democracy through spoken word. Learn how to present arguments that are informed, engaging, and entertaining for your audience.

Week 4: Masting the Nuts & Bolts

Podcast Infrastructure and Recording

Learn how to effectively use your podcasting equipment, set up efficient podcasting systems and workflows with best practices for recording.

Consistent Content Creation

Learn how to curate content ideas in order to keep a consistent publishing schedule.

Week 5: Booking Guests, Research & Interviewing

Booking World-Class Guests

Learn how to source and reach out to potential guests. Learn how to review a guest’s credibility and understand how the guest’s perspective or expertise can inform the podcast’s audience.

Interviewing Like a Pro

Gain the skills necessary to structure and conduct engaging interviews. Learn the art of asking questions and creating story arcs to your interviews. You will practice and hone these skills with the leadership of media coaches.

Research 101

Learn how to conduct research in preparation for your guests, how to determine reliable sources, and creating research documents to aid them your interviews.

Week 6: Editing & Publishing

Editing Podcasts

Learn the in’s and outs of the editing process. Learn how to structure and craft engaging podcast episodes in post production.

Platforms and Publishing

Discover the podcast platforms and alternative media outlets. Gain an understanding of the media landscape as a whole and its relationship with alternative media.

Week 7: Launch, Growth & Audience Building

Creating a Launch Strategy

Create a strategy to get early momentum, marketing, and press for your podcasts. Learn how to create a media event around your launch.

Growth Strategies

Learn growth hacking strategies to get your podcasts out to wider audiences. Learn how to convert those audiences into building your own community.

Community Building

Learn how to foster long lasting relationships among your listeners and bridging the divides that lead to toxic polarization. Learn the importance of getting feedback from your audience, serving their needs, and amplifying their voices on important issues in democracy.

Week 8: Monetization & Serving Your Audience

Serving Your Audience

Learn how to discover the needs of your audience and create products or services to fulfill those needs.

Monetization 101

Explore different options for future monetization such as sponsorship, affiliate marketing, premium communities, and more.

Week 9-12: Podcast Production and Mentoring

Launch Your Podcast!

Create your trailer and first two episodes with the help of a mentor from The Democracy Group and get ready for launch!

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Still have questions?

How many hours a week is the Fellowship?

The Fellowship requires about three-five hours a week of a mix of live workshops, mentor meetings, and production time.

Who is eligible for the Fellowship?

The fellowship is open to any high school or college student or group of students working as a team in the United States.

What are the application requirements?

The application consists of basic demographic information, a few written response questions to gauge your potential as a fellow, and an opprituntity to share your passion about democracy as a one minute audio recording.

Does TDG have a political affiliation?

No, TDG is a non-partisan organization. And in fact, our training helps students grow into thinkers and leaders whose identity and impact transcend conventional political bounds.

What is the application timeline?

Applications are due October 21, and acceptance notifications will be sent November 28. The Fellowship will officially begin in early January.

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