Bruce Bond

Bruce Bond

CEO & Co-Founder of Common Ground Committee

Bruce Bond is a non-profit founder & CEO focused on minimizing USA's incivility & polarization & has 30 years experience in information technoogy

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Prior to co-founding Common Ground Committee, Bruce Bond was in the information technology industry for over 30 years, including key roles in several start-ups and an executive position for 10 years at world-renowned analyst firm, Gartner. Mr. Bond graduated with an AB degree in Politics from Princeton University where he was a national-class distance runner.


Bruce can speak on a variety of topics including:

  • Finding common group
  • Nonprofit leadership
  • Solving the problems of incivility and polarization
  • Reshaping the American political landscape


Finding Common Ground with Bruce Bond

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10 Ways to Heal Political Polarization

Available for listening from Common Ground Committee


Let's Find Common Ground

Let's Find Common Ground

Common Ground Committee

As the tone of public discourse becomes increasingly angry and divisive, Common Ground Committee offers a healing path to reaching agreement and moving forward.

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"“Our two-party system is caught in an endless loop to win voters, but not build up our ability to find common ground.  That is, we are in an unending loop where each side regards the other as an inherently hostile opponent who is unfit to govern the country, or even to be considered American. The Common Ground Committee stands almost alone in the public forum to emphasize the values this nation is founded upon: equality, the rule of law, equal opportunity, a government of, by, and for the People. We must change the focus of the public mind from dwelling on hostile, exclusionary divisions to focusing on the common values and virtues that unite us. I don't know of any work underway for the future of this country that is more important than that of the Common Ground Committee.”

- Donna Brazile, ABC News Contributor & former Chair of the Democratic National Committee

"Bruce is a leader with amazing energy and unparalleled integrity. He shows a consistent talent for finding common ground among diverse views, highlighting non-productive disagreements, and resolving conflicting positions."

- Kristian Steenstrup, Gartner Research Fellow

Bruce Bond

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