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Megan Goldstein
Marketing and Communication Specialist
January 24, 2023
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We're excited to share a new podcast in the democracy space — Vital Signs of Democracy. Community Manager Megan Goldstein talked with hosts Debilyn Molineaux and David Riordan to learn more:

Tell me about your background

Debilyn: I have a 20 year history within the democracy ecosystem and also helped to found the Bridge Alliance which is a community of 600 organizations, who focus on democracy. I also co-founded Living Room conversations.

David: I have a long career in Hollywood doing films and TV and the last 20 years of that has been doing documentaries about what's going on in the world.

What is Vital Signs of Democracy?

David: It is an integrative  look at the question of “Is democracy threatened”? There are two ways we make sense of everything, through data and information and the other way is through subjective stories that we create about that data that gives us meaning. When we looked closer we found that two stories were being told in the mainstream, the Make America Great Again stories from both parties.

How did you team up and decide to start Vital Signs of Democracy?

Debilyn: We’ve been in touch for a couple of years, as David developed the Vital Signs meter, rating the strength of the U.S. system on a scale from 1-10.  Then in January of 2023 we teamed up. It’s hard to believe, we are about to record episode ten! We don’t repeat the news that everybody knows - we examine the news as stories shaping our future.

David: The idea of a meter for that “quick glance” about the health of the democratic republic needs nuance and a podcast seemed a good idea. Partnering with The Fulcrum, we wanted to help people answer their question “Am I crazy? Is democracy really being threatened?” We provide another kind of hope by sharing that they aren't crazy and that what is going on is unprecedented.

What would you say to someone who feels like they avoid the news, should they feel better about listening to your podcast?

Debilyn: I feel that way about the news myself! By stepping outside of the two narratives, we offer paths forward that are pragmatic.David: A listener would walk away with a sense of not only where we are, but what is influencing that. Particularly in a polarized political environment like we find ourselves, the stories we are telling influence how we think, feel and act. If we understand those stories there is a chance we can find a new narrative a majority of Americans can agree on.

One of The Democracy Group's goals is to “fix what is broken in our democracy." How do you feel your podcast will help with that goal?

David: Well we aren't talking about democracy as it was and saying that we should go back because what has been revealed in the system are things we thought were protected from bad actors. It turned out they were not.. Obviously democracy needs to evolve and that is the long term goal we are trying to achieve.

Debilyn: We offer citizens an idea of the role they can play in evolving democracy to a better future.

Is there anything you'd like to add?

David: Here is an invitation — we can offer the intelligence we collect every two weeks and we are happy to share. We will offer our intelligence freely to other people. So, consider us a resource!

Debilyn: We are really thrilled to know that there are so many subscribers to The Democracy Group taking actions toward healthy self governance because that is what it will take.

Zombie Democracy Epic Times

In this episode, David and Debilyn explore how they are managing their growing depression and anxiety based on the seeming uncertainty about the health of democracy in America.


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This is Megan Goldstein, The Democracy Group's Community Manager. This week I listened to a lot of podcast episodes and wanted to share my favorites with you!

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Politics in Question: Miles Taylor on Resistance to Donald Trump

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